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The Sunnyvale Farmer's Market on Historic Murphy Avenue every Saturday, rain or shine, all year. Fresh organic vegetables, juices, a variety of food vendors, arts and crafts, musicians and all your favorite regulars.

The Sunnyvale Summer series 2012 will be every Wednesday night from June 20th thru August 29th, 2012. The band line up is out and is featured here for 2012. Watch for more details.

View video from the 10th Annual Sunnyvale Summer Series 2009 here:
Sunnyvale Events 2009

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Sunnyvale Events 2008

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Sunnyvale Jazz & Beyond

Saturday, July 7th thru August 25th, 2012. Murphy Avenue becomes one big restaraunt with a center stage. Order from any restaraunt on Murphy Avenue and your food and drinks are delivered to your table as you enjoy the show. Live Jazz music, drinks dinner, dancing.

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13th Annual Sunnyvale Summer Series
The 13th Annual Sunnyvale Summer Series begins on Wednesday June 20th and goes thru August 29th, 2012. The series will continue for 10 weeks on every Wednesday night starting at 5:30pm with the exception of the July 4th Holiday. There will be no show on July 4th 2012. The band line up is as follows:

The Silicon Valley Houserockers
Go to: The Houserockers on J SF Bay
The Silicon Valley Houserockers Official Web Site:

The Silicon Valley Houserockers: June 20th, 2012. Rhythm & Blues

There will be no street party for the July 4th, 2012 Holiday.

Classic Rock Double Shot -2 Bands! Long Train Running (doobie bros. tribute band) & The Shanks
The Shanks Official Web Site:

July 11th, 2012. (Classic Rock)

Go to: Sage On J_SF_Bay
Sage Official Web Site:

Sage: July 25th, 2012. 70's Old School. Presented by the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce

Tortilla Soup
The Tortilla Soup Official Web Site:
August 8th, 2012. (salsa, latin, funk)

Ascension Official Web Site:

August 22nd, 2012(R&B, Pop, Dance)

Too Smooth
Go to: Too Smooth on J SF Bay Too Smooth Official Web Site:

Too Smooth: June 27th, 2012. Pop, Dance and Soul

The Bell Brothers
The Bell Brothers Official Web Site:

July 18th, 2012. (Contemorary Country Rock)

The Hitmen
Go to: The Hitmen On J_SF_Bay
The Hitmen Official Website:

The Hitmen: August 1st, 2012. Rhythm & Blues

The Megatones
The Megatones Official Web Site:

August 15th, 2012(Rock, R&B, Funk)

Busta Groove
Go to: Busta Groove On J_SF_Bay
Busta Groove Official Web Site:

Busta Groove: August 29, 2012. (Top 40 & Dance Music)

3rd Annual Jazz & Beyond Series
The 3rd Annual Jazz & Beyond Series begins on Saturday July 7th, 2012. The series will continue for 7 weeks on every Saturday night starting at 5:30pm on Historic Murphy Avenue. The band line up is as follows:

Modesto Briseno Septet
Modesto Briseno Septet Official Web Site:

July 7th, 2012. (Jazz)

Legally Blue
Official Legally Blue Web Site:

July 21st, 2012. (Blues/Jazz)

Tony Lindsay
Tony Lindsay Official Web Site:

Tony Lindsay with Tom Politzer: August 4th, 2012. (R&B & Contemporary Jazz)

Wally Schnalle
Wally Schnalle Official Web Site:
August 18th, 2012. (Jazz/Fusion)
Anton Schwartz
Anton Schwartz Official Web Site:

Anton Schwartz: July 14th, 2012. (Straight Ahead Jazz)

Jessica Johnson
Go to:
Jessica Johnson Official Web Site:

Sage: July 28th, 2012. (Jazz, R&B, & Soul)

Joint Cheifs
Joint Cheifs Official Web Site:

August 11th, 2012. (Blues & R&B)

Kaye Bohler Band
Kaye Bohler Band Official Web Site:
August 25th, 2012. (R&B/Soul)
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