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New Mexico Visit
I took a trip to New Mexico on Tuesday, March 25th. There was a short lay-over in Las Vegas and I had lunch and played the slot machines at the air port until time for my next flight into Lubbock, Texas. No good luck at the slot machines.

(Photo from the Lubbock, Texas Airport.)

Arrived in Lubbock at 3:05 pm and rented a vehicle to drive over to New Mexico. It was still cool this time of year but there were some warm days while I was there. New Mexico is full of great photographic opportunities and I always enjoy my trips to this part of the country.

While I was there the trees were blooming in the down town Portales city area. The city of Portales has been working on a beautification project which has given the down town area more character and appeal. I was lucky to be there to photograph these blossoms before the new leaves sprouted.

The Bedsit Infamy's new CD dropped on April 1st and is entitled "Lungs, My Heart, Blood, My Stomach". The Bedsit Infamy and the people at Banazan Records have agreed to the making of a new fan video, which was posted on May 3, 2008.

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New Music by The Bedsit Infamy: "Diapause"

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